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Increased prices on contract renewal

I still do not understand why Virgin Media starts to charge you more when you come to the end of your contact. Whilst they have experienced you for a year and know how reliable you are, they just find a way to kick you off their services by become less competitor. To my logic they should keep their current costumers with new offers rather than over charge them and force them to look for better deals. I love their new package with no landline phone but they say it is not for existing costumers with the offer price, which I find it odd. I even called them and they say this is policy from ABOVE, Can someone help me to understand why this is the way it is, so I get the business concept behind it please?

Their big boss visited Norway and he says that we need to learn from them. So in Norway you get promotions to stay with your current provider. They are proud with the number of people they keep and increase each year. Is not something to learn from?

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