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I want to cancel

I want to cancel my contract today but VM is very clever at not being willing to take


endless calls get cut off when choosing an option -as the system doesnt recognise the option choices

free phone ditto

0800 ditto

webchat 1

just curcular anbd closes

webchat 2 no answer at all, window has been open for hours!

search for 'cancel' and you get what's new at VM

look formkatest offers and you get nothing ....

very clever but not funny, this message shows I wont be paying late cancellation fees because of VM's tricks, I have done my best to contact you

the most expensive company in UK broadbank has the worst customer service- obviously



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Re: I want to cancel

You may do as you wish but if you wish to cancel you have phone in, use web chat or write in because VM have a duty to verify your identity which they cannot do through the Forum.

So whatever this post is meant to signify one thing is clear, if you let your frustration run away with you VM will continue to bill you under the contract and you will be held liable until you cancel properly. If you just stop your direct debit VM will immediately pass your case to its collections department. That will be followed by the debt collecors and a black mark on your credit record which will stay for six years thus ending your chance of future credit with anyone else. Goodbye to that mortgage application or the car loan.

At this time of the year because of the price rise the phone lines and web chat are very busy (as you have discovered). Try when the lines are less busy, during the early morning and later in the evening. The menu options are very clear.  150 - free from a VM ine or 0345 454 111 - national rate from non-VM lines or often included in your call package. You need options 4,5 - thinking of leaving. That will get you through to the right people.

As I say, what you do is up to you. But you now have a clear explanation of the consequences of what you seem to be planning to do.


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Re: I want to cancel

Hi cannedpictures, 


Thanks for your post and welcome to the forums. It's great having you on board with us even if your overall intention is to leave Virgin Media Smiley Sad


As mentioned by HowardML, we're not able to take cancellation requests via the Community. You will need to give your 30 day notice either online via our webchat here: Contact Us or by calling us on 150 / 0345 454 1111 and following the option for Thinking of Leaving us. 


Can I ask why you're wanting to leave? Is there anything we can do to change your mind?


Let us know.



Forum Team

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