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How to unsubscribe?


I have recently moved home and as my new street had already Virgin, my account have been transfered.

But nothing is working and a technician came to install it. He told that the cable was broken in the street which would need to be repaired. Then, no information from Virgin since.

I literrally  spent hours on the phone to get updates. I have been told that it should have been fixed and I have been asked to reboot many times. Finally, a second technician came. He said that the street cable was broken and he ordered a spare one which will be delivered in more than one month ...

I have been charged of the £20 for the home change, I continue to pay for a non working service. And now the question is, how to unsubcribed whithout paying as I am engaged for several months, in order to go with another provider?


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Forum Team
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Re: How to unsubscribe?

Hi sbourde, 


Welcome to the forums, I am sorry to see you have not had the best experience with us lately. Apologies that we did not get back to you here sooner. 


Looking at the connection it seems that you have disconnected so it looks like you did find another way to contact us. 


I am sorry to see that you have disconnected but I wish you all the best with your new provider. 


Bye for now



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