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How to cancel my package?

My money has been reduced so I can't afford food with the money I am paying for Virgin I can get food in. Once my money has been sorted out I can get it back in.
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Re: How to cancel my package?

If you want to leave VM or discuss reduction of your package to something you might be able to afford then call 150 (free) on a VM fixed line or mobile phone or 0345 454 1111 on any other phone (chargeable). You'll need options 4,5 on the phone menu. You'll have to give 30 days notice and you'll be charged for that period.

Please remember that if you could be faced with early leaving charges (a maximum of £240) if you are still in the minimum service period of your contract (probably 12-18 months, depends on the deal you had).

Hope you get back on your financial feet soon. Good luck


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Re: How to cancel my package?

Hi Bernadette93,

I'm sorry to hear of our change in circumstance and understand your reasons for needing to leave.

I see HowardML has been able to offer you the information you needed. Full details of our disconnection process can also be found here:

Do let us know if there's anything else we can help you with.

All the best,


Forum Team

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