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How long to be hooked up once they begin laying cables on your street?

After many many years gone by of moving away from a cabled area and many attempts of "showing interest" on cable my street, a few weeks ago I came home from work to find the road flooded with workers in hi vis clothing, there was nothing to indicate who they were working for or what work was being carried out but I knew who it was as I remember my old street being done in the 90s. Then a youngster came to the door and dropped a brown envelope through, finally it was the flyer from VM to say they were here.

Can't wait to join back up, only thing is its been well over 5 weeks since they started and they are now a good 3 weeks past leaving my street onto the remaining parts of the area and from what I can see, just about packed up and finished. Yet when i check online ... nothing. So I called up to find out more, I was told they could see it was being installed in my area but they have no way of telling me when it will be up and running not even a rough guide, she then told me her system indicated to put me through to the construction team but there was no number listed (just as well really because I just wanted a simple answer like, 1 month sir or 3 months sir).

Can any of you lovely lot share your timing experiences from day one of being on your road to cutting up the pavement, to finishing and being installed in your house.

Many thanks in advanced