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How do I sort a problem with finalising my account from overseas? Need email contact!

Hi I terminated my account with virgin because I was moving overseas and moved early December. Before going I spoke with a customer service adviser who explained that when my account was finalised an account credit was due to be processed but that this could not be direct credited to my bank account or posted overseas. After some discussion she calculated the amount I would owe virgin after this credit was applied and we agreed that if I paid this amount then it would all work out. Accordingly I cancelled my direct debit and made a direct credit to virgin of just over the amount she stated (rounded up the the nearest whole pound of £17 as I could not recall the precise pence) and considered the matter dealt with.

Apparently virgin does not. Redirected mail keeps arriving with threats of court action which clearly indicate virgin is not calculating the credit until after the bill is paid. Even though that credit nullifies the bill. That is plain stupid frankly.

Clearly virgin would look monumentally silly pursuing anyone for monies virgin already has. If not that being silly has ever stopped virgin from doing anything.

Since I have acted in good faith and done exactly as I discussed with virgin I am to say least annoyed. And fear once again a false negative default being put on my credit file. Not that it matters so much with my not being in the country but the principle. It would be the second time virgin defaulted me due to its own error.

I would appreciate if anyone from virgin is able to assist in this matter. Otherwise I guess it never will be resolved and it will just keep costing virgin money until you catch up with yourselves.

The payment reference is ##############


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Re: How do I sort a problem with finalising my account from overseas? Need email contact!

Hi Wendy

Thanks for getting in touch with us about the final billing and the issues you have had Smiley Sad I am sorry that this has caused you any concern or inconvenience.

I appreciate when you are outside the UK that communications with us can be a little more challenging. I'd like to thank you for taking the time to join us on the community to do this and welcome you to the forums.

We'll do everything we can to support you with this Smiley Happy

For us to do so I'm going to send a pm to you that you can find on the top right of the forums in the

If you could pop a reply back to me on this that would be fab Smiley Happy

Speak soon Wendy.


Forum Team

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