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How do I get to talk to anyone at customer service

Hi, new customer here, joined just over a week ago.

I do a similar role at my job so I share the pain of all CS agents(!) but I have had a dreadful experience calling VM for the first time ever I really want to know if this is usual from VM and why there aren't any other methods of communication to deal with my query.


As I say, I've joined only recently but due to personal matters I am having to move out of my property before my installation can take place and don't want to commit to a contract at this moment until everything else is secured for me in terms of a property. Therefore, I'm making use of my 14 day cooling off period to cancel the contract and let VM know before anyone comes out for the installation from them.


Tried ringing today after getting in from work (18:30), got through to someone quickly and were polite then put me through to the 'pre-installation' team. It takes about 40mins, and finally I get through to someone to try and explain my situation but instead having the agent on the other end trying to push more products and not accepting my reason for leaving or allowing me to fully explain. I get that any company will offer a caller things in order to keep them, but I'll be honest I felt really humiliated and belittled in how the agent on the other wouldn't allow me to speak or explain my situation at all.


Suddenly I'm then cut off mid conversation!


Tried again (19:19), again got through easily to a very polite and courteous agent who then me through to pre-installation again. I first ask if there is a number for team I am being put through to. I'm told the system in the office just puts callers through and don't know the number, which I appreciate having worked in a similar office.


On hold for 30mins before the line goes dead.


19:54, and try again. Again, really lovely agent, understood I was frustrated and offered to get back to me if I was on hold for too long (this didn't happen by the way) which I was very grateful for. 


I'm then put on hold as I'm transferred for over an hour! Again, their line drops!


I ring back immediately after and I am told the department I need to speak to is closed.


This is simply the worst, most debilitating experience I have had with any company ever. I understand lines will always be busy, but to not be advised of wait times and opening hours for certain departments is really really humiliating for the customer!



The last agent I spoke to advised that I had to speak to that team and there was no way of getting this query resolved via an email service. This is very worrying. If I can't get through to the department I need how I am supposed to deal with this? This is simply the most humiliating experience with a company I have ever had, and I genuinely feel I haven't been treated with much dignity. There's much more I want to say but I'll have to vent offline(!) Smiley Tongue 

I had considered going back to VM once I am in the new place but based on this experience it will take a good explanation to tempt me back.


CURRENT CUSTOMERS: Is this usual for you? What advice would you give when it comes to getting through to anyone?


If anyone from VM sees this, can you please explain why this happens, what other means of contact I have, how often this occurs, and what procedures you have in place to reassure the disgruntled customer.


Thanks and all the best,


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Re: How do I get to talk to anyone at customer service

Hi FN94 and welcome to our community Smiley Happy

I'm very sorry for the experience when calling to cancel your order, I can understand your frustration.

I can assure you this isn't the level of service we're used to offering to our customers and I'll be sure to provide feedback to the team concerned in order to help improve customer experience going forward.

Do you still need help with getting the order cancelled? If so let me know and we'll take it from there.



Forum Team

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