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How Often Can You Change Tariff within Contract?

As title, how religiously are you held to seeing out your full 18 month contract before you can change tariff?

I signed up for an initial 18 month contract back in April this year (2016), and already I can log into my account and see a few upgrade options, i.e. telephone stuff, and V6 box.

Now, if I sign up to say a V6 box upgrade, I know I would lose my current promotional discount, and would in effect be signing up to a new 18 month contract.

There's not that much of a hike in price for the first 12 months (From £66 to £73.50) but would then jump up to £86.50 for months 13-18.

What's the liklihood of a better deal coming along after 12 months of the "new" contact have elapsed, and me being able to move to that and sign up again?


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Re: How Often Can You Change Tariff within Contract?

Hi reaper0374, 


Thanks for your post Smiley Happy


The contract you have with us is for the overall Services themselves and not the tariffs you are on. This means you can upgrade and downgrade as many times as you like and you'd only see early disconnection fees if you cancel a service. 


As a note though, each time you change your package, a new contract minimum term would be put in place. 



Forum Team

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