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Help I've only just joined and want to leave...

Hi, I joined at the weekend and offered a £50 discount on first month and was told to phone back today to claim it. So far two calls have said nothing on my notes about it. So I want to cancel the contract out of principle. So far I've been asked to speak to the Pre-Install Team to cancel and I tried earlier but gave up after 20 minutes. I'm now back holding on for 23 minutes and not confident about getting through to someone. I heard the customer service was poor. Any ideas on how I can get everything cancelled easily? Many thanks. 

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Re: Help I've only just joined and want to leave...

Hey Brenchk

I appreciate you taking the time to post to us on the community and thanks for dropping by on the forums with your cancellation query.

I am sorry to hear you were looking to leave us due to the experience you had had.

I can see you have been in touch with the teams and they have looked into this together with you when you contacted us.

Please let us know if we can support you in any further way.

Kindest regards.

Forum Team

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