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Half price for 12 months sky sports

I activated this offer my email to ensure I could watch the remaining footy season and the upcoming F1. The activation hadn't kicked in for United's final so I rang up after very long phone call I was told they could ensure activate it so I could watch the match ready for the offer which I had already signed up for but hadn't kicked in. I was told this would not affect the offer and my bill would go through at the half price deal. The next month I get a massive bill so ring again to be told by it being activated over the phone this had Affected my deal which they again knew nothing about saying best I could have was 6months half price which I said why do I want 6 months when I had subscribed for 12 half price but had been affected by the person I initally spoke who got their supervisor advice and consent that this would not affect the offer. The lady basically said it was my fault for wanting it to be activated - which I explained should have happened through my activation email anyways and was not told this would impact on my account. The initial person I spoke to was meant to ring me back to sort this out as this lady was not helping me out other than cancelling the full price and sky sport completely on my account. At this point the offer was still on my account and the link still says I'm subscribed to the offer and yet I have no sky sports and no return calls to sort this issue out.
The miss information by the team and the lack of knowledge of offers via email etc have resulted in me now missing out on many games and now the f1 season. Please can someone resolve this issue.
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Re: Half price for 12 months sky sports

Hi Karen3333

Many thanks for taking the time to get in touch about the offer for the half price sports for 12 months and a warm welcome to the community forums too Smiley Happy

I can see that you have been in touch with us about this and that the teams have been looking to support you further with this.

I'd like to see if we can help chase this for you and for me to do so I am going to send a PM to you that you can find in the envelope next to your forum name.

If you could take a look at that for me and pop back to me on this, that would be great!

Forum Team

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