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I have received my first Bill and I have several complaints about it.

Firstly the installation hell I have been through has required 4 engineer visits and a missed visit where they never said they where not coming and never apologized or gave a reason for not showing. During this time I have had to waste my day waiting for the 50% chance an engineer turns up or knows what they are doing, I also have only had the internet for a grand total of 16 days.

You want to charge me for two months when I will only have had the internet for just under one, I have tried complaining via text chat that this is not good enough as I was not provided the service you have promised so I will not pay for one of the months and installation as it took 4 attempts and wasted my time.

Apparently there is no way to do this in your system, this can not be the case there has to be some one who can make a decision to allow me to not pay a small amount because the service received was not up to standard.

Please advice,

Thanks Stuart


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Forum Team
Forum Team
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Re: Garbage

Hi Stuart

Thanks for getting in touch with us on the forums and welcome to the community.

I appreciate that you have not had the best start with us and understand this has been frustrating for you Smiley Sad

I can see that since you posted adjustments have been made and that you have spoken to the teams.

I am also going to send a private message to you for me to offer some further support and you can find this in the

up by your forum name.

If you could take a look at this for me, that would be fab Smiley Very Happy

Speak soon.

Forum Team

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