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Frustration levels increase hourly

Virgin Media,

Can you possibly get any worse with your customer service? I was supposed to receive a phone call from a supervisor yesterday (didn't happen) - I rang back late yesterday and was on the phone for upwards of 45 minutes, again resulting in confirmation that a supervisor would be ringing me FIRST thing this morning. (No call)

I've just been on the phone AGAIN to your retention team, seems they aren't overly proactive either as the 'gentleman' I was dealing with couldn't be bothered. In his own words "my supervisor will contact you when he can, he has a lot on" - So I don't have a lot on? I'm taking up my time at work trying to resolve this and I'm only getting annoyed because of your FALSE promises.

I'm the Head of Customer Success for an international software company, if I even dreamed of treating my client base in this manner I'd be out of a job. Sort this out!! I'm so sick to death with the online chats, the phone calls (me calling you, certainly not you ringing me)

For such a huge organisation, you're absolutely horrid at dealing with people both from a service point of view and a resolution/retention point of view!

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Forum Team
Forum Team
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Re: Frustration levels increase hourly

Hi Crafty72

I am so sorry that you have had a poor experience with us and I appreciate you getting in touch with us about this.

I am aware we are looking into this for you on your other thread Issues Since Installation and to save confusion I will continue to support you via that thread.

If you could pop back to me on the other link as requested via a PM with your details, I'll see what we can do to support.

Take care.

Forum Team

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