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Failed Connection


I ordered 100mbs broadband a couple of weeks ago. The website said it was available at my address. I became concerned as I couldn't see a CATV access hatch near my property. I spoke to various people about this who simply said "don't worry the engineer will sort it out on the day". I repeatedly stated how, as the box is in the main road and I live in a 'cul de sac' and the block paving in my private road has clearly not been dug up before. Again I was told the engineer will sort it out and "100%" I would be connected.

Fast forward to today's install date and surprisingly there is no ducting from the main road into my address so I cannot get the fibre broadband. The guys were good but in the end simply said they had to refer back to the construction guys. I have called twice today to see what is going on and was told I would be "called back in 10 minutes" - surprisingly no body called back.

Can you please let me know what is going on? I'm led to believe it will take months, if at all, for this to be sorted. I most likely need to cancel my order. However, I was given £60 off my first bill so that I could go out and buy a mobile broadband box to 'tie
Me over' until Virgin fibre had been installed. I have bought the box and now won't be getting Virgin - so am I out of pocket on that now?

Please respond back ASAP.


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Forum Team
Forum Team
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Re: Failed Connection

Hi Shaun,


Welcome to the Forums and thanks for your post. I can only apologise that you've had a less than perfect journey since joining so far. Smiley Sad


It's not very often this happens however when it does happen, we try and get things moving as quickly as we can. 


Once it's established that construction work is needed, this gets referred to the Area Manager. They look at this and will start to create a plan for costs and submit this. After this has been approved, we then need to get the relevant permits from local councils. If these fail, we need to go back to the drawing board and try again. Even though progress may seem slow to you, sometimes taking a few months, at this end there would be multiple plans being put in place. 


I understand it's frustrating, especially as you noticed this before your installation date however we're not able to give an exact time frame on how long the works are going to take. As soon as permits are accepted we'll have a better idea.


If cancelling is what you want to do, then give the team a call on 150 / 0345 454 1111 and they'll arrange this for you.


As for the Mobile Broadband Box, we'd only be able to offer a refund for this if you remain a Virgin Media customer.


Apologies again,

Forum Team

Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year

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