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Expenses claim


I'm trying to put in an approved claim against expenses for my broadband connection as I've been working from home since July.

We've got the Big Kahuna bundle which appears as £78.74 each month.Listed in the bundle are:

Talk Unlimited Extra
Fully Itemised Billing
TV Size: XL 1
Add Set Top Box(es)
V+ HD Monthly Fee
TiVo Monthly Fee
VIVID 200 Optical Fibre

I need to work out how much of the £78.74 the fibre broadband is so I can put in the claim for the correct amount. Can anyone help suggest a reasonable sum? Or is there anywhere on the Virgin Media site that provides such a breakdown?


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Forum Team
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Re: Expenses claim

Hi cyrius1995, 


Thanks for your post and welcome to the forums. It's great having you on board with us in the Community. Smiley Happy


I'm really sorry but when you are part of a bundle, there is no stand alone price for each of the services. The more services you have, the bigger a discount you get for having them as a bundle. 


The only thing I can suggest is having a look on line and Broadband stand alone packages. Remove the New customer offer so you have a base price for your broadband. We wouldn't be able to provide you with a statement/receipt for this though. 


Hope that helps. 



Forum Team

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