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Equipment Kit Returned


I have a problem. I recently moved away and had to end my contract with Virgin. After discussing this with Virgin in online chat I was told that a box will come to my address with which I could return all the equipment that they had sent me(router/cables/etc.). I did not receive that box in time, so I left it with a friend and had him bring it in to a virgin store in the same box the items originally come with. When he brought the box in, he was told that everything was ok and that was it. Now I have been receiving emails from Virgin that I have not returned the box and they added to my bills a charge of 40 pounds for the equipment. I know for sure that the box has been delivered to a Virgin store and they took it. I tried to chat online with them about this regard, but it seems that the service never works. If anyone can guide me to solve this matter I will be really grateful. Thank you! 

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Re: Equipment Kit Returned

Does your friend have any receipts from the store saying they returned the equipment, that would be the first port of call in my head.

Elsewise I would wait for VM to pick up the topic or call cancellations on option 1 - 4 - 5 as they are the UK non script reading team and deal with more complicated queries (not just cancellations).
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