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Email asking me to sign something.

Hi there I received an email today asking me to sign something.

The email was from DocuSign EU System <>

it was to do with my account.

The thing is I haven't made any changes to my account and I do not currently receive any services at the moment because the quick start internet package I got failed due to a faulty cable not in my house but outside on the road. I know this as I had an engineer come around and inspect everything and that was the end result why I could not connect. I went to call 150 today to see if any appointments were active but there aren't.

I also checked in my account to see if any engineer appointments were booked and there aren't.

So thing is, i'm a bit suspect of signing anything right now especially since i'm not even getting anything service wise from Virgin Media. Even so I wasnt told to expect this email either.

To me this is an unsolicited junk email. If someone from here would like to check whats going on for my broadband then please do, if you need to contact me please do. But i'm not signing anything until I know for sure I will have an engineer appointment booked and known to the staff that this is going ahead. I'm still in wonder what this email was all about. So I deleted it as it did look suspect.

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Forum Team
Forum Team
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Re: Email asking me to sign something.

Hi HighOnFire

Many thanks for taking the time both to join us on the forums and for getting in touch with us about the DocuSign eContract.

This was a genuine email that was sent to you and I appreciate this has been deleted due to the situation you were in at the time you posted.

I can see you have since called the teams and they have advised you of the status of the work that needs done in order to connect you.

If you need our teams to send a copy of the contract to you again ready for when you are connected with us then just let us know Smiley Happy

Keep us posted if you need support with this or anything else.

Take care.




Forum Team

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