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Email address for complaints

Our broadband and TiVo service have been down since the early hours of this morning due to a unspecified fault in Area 22. This is the third major fault in the last month with our service often down for more than 12hrs.

whilst I accept that there will always be faults and that they take time to fix, I'm frustrated by the escalation of these evens recently with little or no explanation as to what exactly is wrong. I'm also a little cynical that they tends to occur between Fri eve-Sun eve with a quick fix turning into a 24hr job which miraculously gets resolved by Monday morning.

I'd like to know how I'm meant lodge a complaint about the level of service and also what compensation I will be paid for the fact that I cannot use my broadband or to services during these down times and in fact have to use my mobile data at extra cost.

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Re: Email address for complaints

Quick reply. Register a complaint by phone or in writing or using a web chat. see the Contact Us link for the way to do all this. Link is at the bottom of any VM web page. No e-mail address. Compensation - none. You will get a refund of your service charge for each complete 24 hours without service but you have to ask for it.


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