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Do Virgin Media actually WANT customers to leave?

Yes, it's a serious question!

After spending 35 minutes being passed between 3 agents I never did get a good reason why I should stay.

Numerous faults with TiVo over long period, lost track of the number of replacement boxes (3 in as many months!), only every rectified short term. The best the last agent could come up with was "the boxes we have here don't do that..". She then proceeded to argue with me!

I mean, really, is that supposed to help?

And that's just 1 of the issues (to list them all would take too long).

It's clear that Virgin Media aren't bothered if customers leave, they make no effort to keep them.

Virgin Media customer service stinks!! Smiley Mad

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Re: Do Virgin Media actually WANT customers to leave?

hiya @El_Defensor sadly with any company got agent who need more training, lazy etc.. very few people complain so the agents keep doing what they are doing.. i'm not here to defend virginmedia, i've just seen it happen not just within virginmedia but other ISP's etc etc..
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