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Disgruntled and dissappointed...need to switch provider...but won't

My Broadband has been  Super speeded (allegedly)  to 200Mbps...really.??   My Broadband has been notoriously and frequently slow, despite several calls to Virgin, it'll speed up slightly, and then 'bam', back to snail pace. I'm solo, not a gamer, and nobody is hitching a ride on my broadband...there's only ever one device connected at a time .I'm in a busy West London I cant understand why.

My TV is also being notoriously slow, and by that I mean that when using the remote to navigate around the various tv functions...for example...navigation on the Home page to Documentaries, can take up to 10 seconds to actually display after having clicked on Documentaries  I initially put this down to my tv being ( relatively ) old....but then found out that other 2 Virgin users in the house,  on different accounts,connections / routers, were experiencing the same.

I've basically had enough and really can't be ar = sed to argue the toss with Virgin any always seems to be just a temporary fix...never a solution.

Rather than pay the £240 get out payment, I'll downsize the complete package until October, paying as little as possible until such time that I can abscond to BT.  Shame because BT have offered me a fantastic deal.........unless anyone can suggest a way of getting out of 'get out ' payments..!!!



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Re: Disgruntled and dissappointed...need to switch provider...but won't

Hi gazzah18, 


Thanks for your post and apologies to hear you are having an issue with your services Smiley Sad 


I'm really sorry to hear about the issues you have been having with your broadband and TV Services Smiley Sad 


Checking the account I can see the stats for both are looking good. All the power levels, signal levels and input levels are spot on, there are no timeouts and there isn't any utilisation in your area either. 


How are you connecting the internet? Ethernet cable or wireless? 

Do you notice any pattern to when you get the issues like time of day or day of the week? 

How close together are the other hubs / routers in the building?


With the TV, a reset usually resolves issues such as this. I can see one of these were performed very recently. Has you noticed any difference? 


Come back and let us know how things are. 



Forum Team

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