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Desperate to Leave!!!!

Good Morning Folks,

I'm really new to this so please bear with me, and any useful information is greatly appreciated.

Warning in advance that this may seem like a rant, but I am genuinely disappointed in the serviceS I have received - in only a short space of time.

I joined Virgin back in November after months of badgering from them as we were new to our home and the lines were already in the property.

I joined on the premise that they claim to have the best Internet and TV services around, and so once my installation date had been arranged, I was actually quite excited. I had heard excellent reviews of the Tivo box, and as well as having the best internet around among other providers - perfect for gaming, streaming and browsing would be perfect for my family.

Never been with Virgin before so had high hopes, new layout on TV was a bit different but happy to accept it, and although i'd requested to keep the original phone number, they still changed it anyway - which really wasn't ideal.

So first month completed - TV not great but sufficient and internet often not good enough for what I wanted - and the bill arrived - £130+ - which was an absolute shock, especially since the online chat when I joined proved that Iwas told that my first bill would be 1 month + an activation fee of £14.99; so when I looked into the bill specifics and it was 2 months + activation fee + installation fee i was less than happy - and so contacted the online chat guys again to discuss

(after previously being stung by Sky by signing up by phone, not advised about certain charges, but no proof - I now do as much online as possible so I always have the transcript to fall back on)

After discussions and me explaining I was unhappy with the situation, I was advised that it was clear that I hadn't been advised about the installation fee, and so would receive a £40 credit on the bill, knocking it down to £90+ - which, 4 weeks before Xmas, wasn't great when i was only expecting to pay £40 + activation - but I was also told that a £40 credit would be added to my January bill - which did soften the blow slightly.

January 12th rolls around and receive a bill from Virgin for £42 - what happened to my credit?

Once again, jumped online to discuss, and after 25 minutes of dialogue back and forth of the adviser explaining that they could see the exact same transcript, it seems that I mis-read the situation, and interpretted it incorrectly:

Nikita:Chris I see that the installation charge was not applicable and hence I will apply a credit of £40.00 against the same and will also amend the current payment to be taken.

09:19:56CHRIS:so what will happen now, as the payment is due to be taken on 28th December?
09:20:46Nikita:Not to worry the payment will lessen by £40.00 and the next bill will have £40.00 credit adjustment.
The fact that I am paying the full bill, where before it states that a £40 credit would be applied to my next bill I find ridiculous that apparantly it means the same bill?
I have found over the last 2 months that the Internet & TV are not up to the high standards that they preach about, and had been thinking of leaving, so when I asked how to go about cancelling my services was welcomed to a £240 price tag.
I feel that this is totally wrong and unjustified. The internet connection is very, very poor in comparison to the high standards they talk about, and aren't impressed with the TV - as well as having to change my phone number when I requested not to, I don't see why I should pay this fee to a company who basically lie about the 'quality' they offer.
If anyone has any knowledge or suggestions on how to progress this further without paying this fee as I am deperate to leave!
Thanks in advance!!!
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Forum Team
Forum Team
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Re: Desperate to Leave!!!!

Hi Chris, 


Thanks for your post and welcome to the forums. It's really great having you on board with us even though your experience hasn't been the best it can be. 


It can be a little confusing so bear with me whilst I explain what's happened here.


Once a bill has been generated we are not able to amend it. Any changes we make, like in your case adding a credit, gets noted on the next bill to be generated. 


If payment for the incorrect bill hasn't yet been taken then we're able to amend it so that the credit covers part of the bill thus meaning you actually get the credit before it's noted on the bill. 


The credit has been received as your last payment was reduced but it's noted on this bill so therefore it is the same. I hope that makes a little more sense? 


In terms of leaving, you do have 14 days from install to change your mind and leave. If you continue with the services after this point your contract would be in effect. 


If you are having an issue with your broadband connection, pop a post in the Broadband Speed board and the team can check things out for you. 


If leaving is what you would prefer to do then speak to the team on 150 / 0345 454 1111 although the early termination fee would stand. 


If you have any further issues, let me know.





Forum Team

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