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Default letters and Moorcroft Debt Recovery Ltd for paid debt

This might be a bit of a long post, apologies about that, but I could do with some input/advice.

I am a student and as such need a new broadband setup each year because I move house every year. I opened an account with VM in September 2015, paid all bills on time by direct debit, and then went to close it at some point in June/July 2016 when the year ended. Not long after I then opened a new VM account for my new address in the same city. So far, VM have not flagged up any issues with the situation.

However, mid September I received a “default notice” from VM quoting my old account number for the total of £44.50 - one month’s worth of broadband. I rang them up and was told it was a mistake and that there was nothing that needed doing - I was even told to throw the letter away! But, late September I received another default notice, so I ring VM again and apparently this amount was left on the account when I closed it, but whoever I’d spoken to at VM when I closed the account had failed to notice. So, on the 10th of October I rang up and paid the £44.50 using my debit card, and was assured that would be all.

On the 3rd of November, however, I received a letter from Moorcroft Debt Recovery Ltd. saying that VM had transferred my debt to them and that I needed to pay ASAP or risk ‘further action’. I ring up Moorcroft (at great expense) and ask them what debt this is referring to, and it turns out that it’s the debt I had been assured that I had paid off. Moorcroft tell me that they will open an investigation. They also sent a letter out to confirm our phone conversation on 08/11.

Next thing I do is ring up VM and work my way through about 4 different departments before someone admits that it’s VM’s fault and the payment I made had “not been recognised by the system”. They even gave me the exact payment time and payment reference, proving that I made the payment of £44.50. This is all very well, but now the default has gone on my credit report and so I am given the email address of another VM department whose sole purpose it is to rectify incorrect credit file adjustments ( I emailed them last week but have only received an automatic response.

Moving forward, this morning I received a letter from Moorcroft saying that it would be better if I paid them as opposed to VM and that they had put the account on hold until 17/12, and guess what? ANOTHER debt default notice from VM for £44.50 on my old account. So, once again, I rang up VM this afternoon and this time was told that they have no record of the payment and that I need to send proof of payment to yet another VM department (


What am I supposed to do in this situation? I’m a young guy and my credit score is getting hammered left, right, and centre because of VM’s seeming incompetency, and each time I ring VM up I get shuffled around between departments and given another email address to contact.

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