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Deal offered was changed


I rang Virgin last week (thinking of leaving option) as the broadband only deal that I pay for my Son had become too expensive.

The Guy I spoke to offered a new deal of £22.25 per month on a new 12 month contract which was accepted, however, as my Son had not activated the newer hub he had been sent it was unable to be put through the system until he connected it up.

He went to his flat connected the hub and rang them back, he was told it was £22.25 for 6 months and then would be £25.25 for next 6 months. I had clarified that the £22.25 was for the whole 12 months several times and so today I rang back and asked for details of the new contract and was told it was the lower price for 6 months then rises for the remaining 6 months. The guy said he could not do it for the lower price for 12 months and doesn't know why the other guy said they could, so I gave my 30 days notice but am just a little annoyed that Virgin have gone back on the deal originally offered and that I would not have realised until the higher amount was taken from my bank.

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Re: Deal offered was changed

These kind of calls are recorded and notes go on the account about details relating to it, so if you wanted persist about it, call back customer relations (retentions) and ask for the call be listened into. You agreed to a specific deal which wasn't honored and have right to complain about it. The complaint could lead to them manually crediting your account so that you get the deal you were promised.

To make a formal complaint for this to be looked into, if customer relations aren't willing to move on it, you'd have to write in to the following address about it: Complaints, Virgin Media, PO Box 333, Matrix Court, Swansea, SA7 9ZJ. It can take up to 28 days for a complaint to be fully looked into before you may get a response back about it.

Yes even though you've given 30 days notice, that can be stopped - something you may want to do if the complaints team came through and honored the deal offered to you.

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