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Contract frustration


Had a medium package with Virgin for a year then upgraded in Jan 2017 to XL. Broadband speed was garbage and after engineer visits, umpteen calls to customer services and techy people, I called to say enough, take my package back to what it originally was. No problem the lady said and considering the headache you have been through we wont extend your contract period she said. I thought great. Then she said your contract finishes 7 Sept 2017, I cant understand why she said this. However; a few days later Virgin emailed me a contract to sign for a further 12 months and for a higher price. I called up and a customer services guy listened to all my audio calls and saw the pervious lady had written and made requests to take my contract back to what it was and noted my contract to end 7 Sept 2017.

Here's the crunch! I called shortly after receiving this email and I got pushed from pillar to lamp post. Everyone can read what went on, everyone can hear what went on but not a soul can help remedy my account? Hours on the phone and about to explode after been told to call back and go through the entire rigmarole to find out what's happening with my account, I am left exhausted, baffled and no further forward. The last customer services guy said that as I was promised everything both verbally and written I should be entitled to this, yes! but who in the entire company is left to talk too?

They just leave me feeling hopeless and I don't have the strength to go through another few hours telephone ordeal.

I have written a letter and posted it off and with hope someone will read it and help.

Any advice or anyone from Virgin reading these posts who could assist?



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Forum Team
Forum Team
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Re: Contract frustration

Hi leemonjazz, 


Thanks for your post and apologies to hear you've been left frustrated and confused after downgrading your broadband. 


Whenever changes are made on the system, some things will happen automatically. Sending a new contract out is one of these. The contract term automatically updates and we're unable to change this. 


If you're offered a change with no contract then notes are left on the system to confirm the actual contract end date. If you then decide to leave us at this point, we right off any early termination fees that come up from the date you were told. Before this point, we're unable to make any amendments. 


If you decide to change your services again in the near future then a new contract term would then be entered into. 


I hope this makes more sense now. 


Let me know if you have any further issues. 



Forum Team

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