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Contract Renewal

My 12 month broadband deal is coming to an end in Jan 2018.
I received an email from
that included a button/link to renew my contract for another 12 months with a discount of £7.50

I wasnt convinced by the email, therefore called virgin media support.
Apart from being particularly unhelpful, the lady offered me "a deal" that was actually more expensive than full price broadband. Im not quite sure were she was going with that.

When I explained the email, she stated that she didnt have access to any deal information and therefore should use the email link to get the new deal.
The link sent me to:

I did this, and this took me to a web page asking me to tick a box and confirm the deal.
I did not have to enter any personal or account details btw.
The submitted page then confirmed the deal had been renewed.
I also received a confirmation email from 

bizarrely stating that my contract had been renewed for another '6 months' and not 12.
I have since read that emails from awscampaigns are a scam!

So now I have no idea if my contract has been renewed or not or whether this was all some sort of phishing scam, but as I said, I was not asked to enter any personal details.

Anybody offer any advice, help or experienced the same thing.



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