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Compliment for a change !

I have now cancelled my service with virgin media because of price rise without any notification . i got my final bill and made an enquiry because it should have show a credit because when we sign up for virgin media we always have to pay a month extra in advance so called customer services to sort this out . luckly i have all my paperwork from virgin which stated advance payment when first signing up so i could prove i had paid this advance , i was expecting a right argument with CS but i was put through to a very nice lady in what i believe was India she spoke very good english and my request was sorted out in minutes she fully agreed with me and told me she would sort it straight away . so brilliant service what a difference from the local customer service i have had in the UK .

 i do hope that this post can be passed on to  that lady and a big thank you for your expertise and and speed of sorting things out . UK lessons to be learnt here for CS

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