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Good evening.

The poorest billing managing I've ever seen !!!

I did the online order for Virgin Media the 1st of August, since then, I' STRUGGLING with you for the direct debit.  I gave you the correct numbers, then you switched my Swift Bic for another one completely different, I called you, paid by credit card and changed it.  I explained I don't feel safe telling my card details by phone.   1st promise I received that it was solved.

The next month direct debit failed again.  I called you back and you had the correct numbers, but the person in charge didn't click a button, or whatever...  I had to give my card numbers again by phone.  We checked everything, name, bank account, etc.   2nd promise it was fixed.

Next month.  Guess what ! again the same history.  :-/  This time the explanation was than when the last month the person clicked this button the bill was already wrong charged, but of course, it won't happen again (3rd promise) And again I had to tell my card numbers by phone to someone whom I don't know.

December's gift ?  You got it right ! new "payment overdue" notice, suggesting me to go with "Direct debit"  (What ? it doesn't work !) 

I received a letter with my bank details and you write properly my name and surname, but for some shadow reason, in the bank account name you didn't write my first surname.

Back again.

Now I have to call, change it again and give my credit card numbers by phone (4th or 5th time, I already don't know how many times).  I'm expecting already this will happen in January because someone has to click the button and in February because my bill was already wrong charged.  By March I will send you my leaving order.  I hope this is enough time for you to process it before August.  

Kind regards.


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Forum Team
Forum Team
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Re: Complaint

Hi Irene, 


Thanks for your post and welcome to the forums. It's great having you on board with us and I can only apologise for the issues you have had setting up a direct debit Smiley Sad We're running a little behind on the boards and only now reaching your thread Smiley Sad 


Once a Direct Debit has failed or been submitted 3 times, the bank will usually deny it so it's worth speaking to them to ensure they allow the order to be set up successfully. 


With regards to giving the team your details over the phone, if you're uncomfortable with this then you could always pay online via your My Virgin Media. You can also set up a Direct Debit in this manner if your balance is at zero. 


I'm hoping since you posted things are resolved now but if you need any further help, let me know.



Forum Team

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