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This is a complaint. About 7 days ago I phoned Virgin Media to get rid of my landline. Today I received an email saying my services would be disconnected. Phoned virgin media but was shifted to another part and then disconnected. Phoned again. Discovered no action has been taken and no notes made on case file to disconnect landline. Call transferred and disconnected again. Phoned again. Stuart said he would sort it out. But have just received an email with new charges for a bundle that includes the landline. Please can someone contacte about this dire customer service. Thank you.
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Re: Complaint

VM will get to the thread in about a week - would guess thats not what you are hoping for - ring retentions - they should be able to sort it

dial 150 or 0345 454 1111 and follow the prompts to - you are thinking of leaving us - dont worry about that they do much more - open 'till 8pm - 6pm on saturdays - closed sunday and the plus is its a UK call centre


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