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Closing account due to new place not have VM

I'm currently a VM customer, moving house and unfortunately the place I'm moving to doesn't have VM availability. So i can't continue the service.

I have spoken to a VM person and they have told me it will cost me to cancel my contract he cost of cancelling the contract is more than if I just paid the monthly fee, which doesn't make much sense to me. Anyone else had this trouble.



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Re: Closing account due to new place not have VM

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If you terminate within the minimum period you are in breach of the agreement you signed to take the services at your current address for at least the minimum period of your contract. The only way to get out of it is to move to another serviceable address & pay a moving fee.


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Re: Closing account due to new place not have VM

hiya @salmo85 welcome to the virginmedia community forum, if you move to a area that hasn't been cabled your would be breaking the contract, since its linked to your address.. you can view the fees via ->
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