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Charged different from contract


Would like to know 1: Why I have been charged different prices since my new contract started.

                               2: What does the cross mean at the side of your monthly charge on your contract price.

My new contract was started from 11/10/16 @ £118.99 my bill for 20/09/16 was £133.96 and for October it was £121.06 and now for November it's £131.58, but this one includes £14.99 for extra box being connected in bedroom (not any more cable as fittings are still here from my V+ box).

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Forum Team
Forum Team
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Re: Charged different from contract

Hi Cylinderman

Thanks for popping by with your contract query Smiley Happy

Given what you have said it sounds to me like this may be a case of:

  • The Sept bill was at the old price and may have included additional charges eg phone calls.
  • The Oct bill has reflected the new pricing and potentially may have additional costs eg calls or pay per view on this.
  • The Nov bill includes the activation as mentioned as the £131.58 minus the £14.99 leaves you with £116.59. Slightly less than the normal monthly rate you have agreed to.

The reasons for these variations cannot be discussed on the forums due to security but you can chat to either our Webchat or via the phone on 0345 454 1111 or 150.

If you could get in touch with the teams to discuss this that would be fab!

Keep us posted on how this goes and let us know if you need anything else Smiley Happy




Forum Team

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