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Changing account number

I recently moved house and got a new virgin account number, and deactivated the old one. However I can't link this new account to my online virgin account without using a new email address. I need to login so I can set up a direct debit.

Do I have to close my old account to reopen a new one or is there a way to change the virgin account number attached to it?

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Re: Changing account number

When a home move is done your old account's service record (contains your email addresses) should move over to your new account. This should happen a day or two after the services go live at the customer's new home. In the event of this service record move not happening, pop a quick call into 150 (from a VM phone) or 0345 454 1111 (from any phone) -> Option 1 -> Confirm your details -> Once in the main menu choose Option 4 then the 'moving home and taking your services with you' option. Explain to them that your old account's service record didn't move to your new account and tell them they need to sort it out.

Once done, you will then be able to login with your normal details and do whatever setup / config you wish to.

Edit: Added a missed word.

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