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Changing Hardship plan date complaint.

Three weeks ago I set up a payment plan to cover my arrears on my broadband account because my financial situation had changed. At the time of setting this up with the CRT department (Credit Resolution Team) I was unsure when I'd be able to pay the first payment. Originally it was setup that on the 27th of each month I'd pay the amount but because I now know that i can only pay on 7th of each much I needed it changed. 

I contacted them today to change the date but I was told that they cannot do anything. This is stupid because if I default three times on the payment they will cancel the plan and it would most likely sent to a debt collection agency. despite desperate attempts to come up with a solution, such as, Changing the pay date or cancelling the plan and starting a new one straight away. After the lady on the phone repeatedly telling me they can't do anything because the system won't allow them to I asked to speak with a manager only for the same response.

The problem I have is I actively tried to create a solution here but the no one seems to want to help. If this does go to some debt agency you can **** yourselves Virgin.

In short, on the 27th I can't pay, services get restricted, so I'll pay the 7th. Rinse and repeat three more times then it's sent a debt agency.




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Re: Changing Hardship plan date complaint.

Hi jamiemitch

I understand that this is a difficult situation to be in and I'd like to thank you for joining us on the forums to let us know about this.

As this is a billing query then for your security we would ask that you do try to get through to the CRT team again when you can if you have not already done so.

Via these options our teams can clear security with you and support you with billing or packages queries. As the forums are public, supporting you in this way is the best way to keep your data confidential.

Keep us posted on how this goes and let us know if you need anything else.

Take care.

Forum Team

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