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Change Account Holder - No Longer in Touch


I live in a shared household and the account holder moved out in June over to Australia but did not know anything about having to transfer the account name. Everything is in my name online (e.g. it's my direct debit, name on the account etc) but as I do not know the account password (apparantly there are two passwords, one for logging in and one you get at the start of the contract?) I cannot change anything on the package.

I am getting to the end of my tether as I understand the security aspect but I spoke to someone on the phone a while ago and didn't ask for any sort of password to change things. Phoned up tonight and the gentleman on the phone informed me about a form which would require both myself and the previous tenant to sign. How can I do this when the guy lives on the other side of the world?! That and I am not even in contact with him as he moved out over 4 months ago!

I am getting to the point of cancelling the whole thing as it is causing me so much stress even though I have the account number, phoning from the virgin media phone line and I can tell you exactly what bundle we are on! We have been a customer for over 5 years in this household and a loyal one at that but this is getting ridiculous!

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Re: Change Account Holder - No Longer in Touch

If you tell them you've forgotten the authentication word they should be able to confirm your identity another way.


Virginia/Doctor9fan. If I have helped please give me Kudos.
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Re: Change Account Holder - No Longer in Touch

Hi HaylzRandom

Thanks for joining us on the community and for getting in touch about the options to change over the account holder details.

You can request a Transfer of Responsibility with us to change the existing account over to your name from your friends. We would send you a gone away version of this if you let the agents you speak to know you are unable to get this signed by your friend as he is no longer in the UK.

Once we have the forms returned we will be able to raise the account in your name.

With respect to the TOR this can be processed if:

  • You have lived at the address for at least 6 months.
  • The current payments on the account must be up to date.
  • Documents will be issued within 48 hours of a TOR request
  • The forms need to be completed in full and returned within 14 days.
  • The original account holder will remain responsible for the account until the transfer has been completed.
  • A new 12 month mandatory contract will begin on completion of the transfer for the new customer.
  • The 14 day right to cancel option is not valid for Transfer of Responsibility requests, and is to be disregarded.
  • The Transfer can take up to 31 days from receipt of the completed forms, and that the new account holder will be notified in writing on completion of the transfer.
  • There is a one off charge to cover the cost incurred by Virgin Media in actioning such a request  of £20.00

You can arrange this either via Webchat  or via the phone on 0345 454 1111/ 150.

I appreciate you don't know the current memorable word for the account but once you explain the situation the teams can still send the forms to you for you to arrange this with us. They would not be able to clear security with you to access the account in full as you don’t know the memorable word, but can discuss information with you if you confirm this to them first.

Please keep us posted if you need any further support, and let us know how you get on Smiley Happy


Forum Team

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