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Cancelling your contract over the phone

When you ring to cancel your contract which still has 3 months left do you need to pay the full cost over the phone when cancelling the account?

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Re: Cancelling your contract over the phone

Hey laurz925,

I am not a part of the forums team, but work in Customer relations as an agent, so hope I can shed some light for you.

If you are wanting to cancel the contract, you will need to provide a minimum notice of 30 days, up to a maximum notice of 60 days.

They will discuss options regarding your account over the phone, and if you are not happy, they will then process the disconnection.

No payment has to be made over the phone. You will, during the 30 day notice, receive another bill, charging another month in advance. This bill still needs to be paid. Your disconnection will then process, and a final bill will be generated. This will credit back any overpayments as of your last bill, and also show any early disconnection fees from the remainder lf the contract. If there is an amount owing, this will need to be paid 19 days from the date the bill is generated.

I hope this answers your question.
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