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Cancelled Installation

I recently moved into a new build property and the week before getting the keys I was informed that Virgin Media were on site and there was a deal.  I spoke to Virgin Media and after the first phone call decided to cancel a different supplier, even though there was a delay on my account due to the estate being so new.

After several weeks and many phone calls, in which I was told "your property has been released and we can book your appointment after 72 hours", I finally insisted on finding out what actually was happening.  Either 72 hours is longer than I originally thought, or someone was making it up.  A team leader confirmed with the site team that everything was ready and my appointment was booked, for more than 2 weeks later.

I waited, I made plans and rearranged my schedule so that I could be in the house for the installation.  That installation was supposed to be yesterday.  But the night before I received a text message saying that they had been trying to contact me and my account had been put on hold.  I can only assume that contact was by carrier pigeon as I received no phone calls, text messages or emails.  After over an hour on the phone, I am told installation can't go ahead because there is no cabinet on site. 

No cabinet they say, that's funny because I have seen 2.  One is opposite my house.  After informing them that there was in fact a cabinet on site, they changed their story to "there's no room in the cabinet for you".  Again, not true as I had been informed weeks earlier that the cables had been pulled and I was ready for installation.

I received a call back yesterday morning to be told exactly the same thing, so I insisted on speaking to someone from the UK.  Someone that had a better grasp of the English language and could give something other than a scripted answer.  No phone call came, so I called the original team that booked my appointment.

That's where the story got even more annoying.  They told me that there was no reason why my installation had been cancelled as the box was in place, there was space for me and my cables had been pulled.  They even called the area liaison who confirmed he'd been on site yesterday morning and my property was ready for installation.

So now, I am stuck with waiting possibly up to 5 weeks to have another installation date.  This is not acceptable and I have already started the complaints process.  The New Homes team have been great yesterday/today, but unfortunately they are waiting for a phone call from the Installation Manager before anything more can be done.

I want to know who cancelled my appointment, why and what will happen to them.  I want a complaint lodged against them personally and the incompetent pre-install team as I have wasted money and time for this installation.

A shocking way to treat new customers and doesn't bode well for the future.  I will wait to see what happens on Monday, but I don't hold out much hope of a reasonable resolution.  To me, a reasonable resolution would be to have the installation next week at the very latest.  Someone screwed up and I should not have to compromise on dates. 

I am lucky that I can manage my own time at work and leave when needed, but taking a whole afternoon off work is not an easy task as that time has to come from somewhere.  As it's a new build, I am always popping home for a delivery or work to be done, but popping home and losing a lunch hour is not the same as a 5 hour appointment.

As I said I have already started the complaints procedure and once I have a final answer I will update my complaint to praise anyone who was willing to help and give me a real answer.  Not everyone that works for Virgin Media are unhelpful or incompetent, but unfortunately the ones that are have messed with the wrong customer this time.  I am the easiest customer to deal with if you just give me a truthful answer.  I immediately calmed down after being told what had happened, not because it was ok but because someone was willing to explain the situation.

Rant over and question time.  Why does this happen?  Why are customers new and existing constantly treated like they are just a cash cow and don't have busy lives or deserve good service?  Finally, why should I remain as a customer?  What can you offer me that other suppliers can't?

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Re: Cancelled Installation

Hi helsbels81,


I appreciate you taking the time to get in touch about the problems you have had with your installation. I am very sorry to hear that the installation has been delayed and understand your frustration with the repeated postponement of your cable service fitting, especially as you have received conflicting communications from us regarding this and have had difficulties obtaining relevant updates when you called us.

I appreciate that this is not the level of service we would expect to provide and it's understandable that you're unhappy with the situation.

I can see that you have already raised a formal complaint and that our complaints team have been in touch with you regarding this.

Please let us know how this goes for you.


Kind regards,


Virgin Media Forum Team

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