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Cancellation fees and a complete lack of care

This is a bit long winded but please stick with me! 

So around march this year my current VM contract ended, it went up in price but I was due to be moving house in a few months so didn't want to enter a new contract. On May 9th I got a call from VM and boy do I wish I didn't! The polite gentleman on the phone offered me to upgrade to Xl tv (from m+) for only £2.50 a month extra. I explained I was moving house in a few months and couldn't get VM at my new place so didn't want to in a new contract. He then proceeded to tell me it wasn't 12 months just carried on a rolling monthly contract, after confirming multiple times that it wasn't a 12 month contract I agreed to the upgrade. I'm sure you can see where this is going.......

i got an email confirming the upgrade to Xl tv plus my current 200mb broadband and phone line, however the price was £73 not the £58 promised, so I called and it was changed no problem at all. 

Fast forward to august and my house move is finally ready, I arrange disconnection and get my final bill for £200 due to early exit!! So straight on the phone to ask what the charges are for, early termination for the contract started in may. I explained the phone call and that I didn't receive a new contract, he said I did so that's that, I requested for a complaint to be opened and the phone call reviewed to prove that I was lied to. He said the would review and call me back within a week. A week later and no call back, numerous calls later, no calls back and complains closed with out any investigation I'm now stuck! All I get over and over again is the system sent the contract so you agreed, I asked for a copy of this so called contract which I received a few days later and it came through as new customer contract dated 15th August! Which is after I left. Call again to discuss and I'm told that's a mistake but the contract still stands and £200 please. So there has been no investigation into the original call, no follow up to customer complaints, no acknowledgement that the 'fool proof system' that send the contracts messed up and then looks like someone has tried to cover it up with a new contract but with the wrong date! VM now refuse to do anything at all, just not interested, not even a mention of goodwill bearing in mind I've been with them long enough to have an NTL world email! Any advice would be much appreciated!  

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Re: Cancellation fees and a complete lack of care

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Get a proper legal advice? Sounds like you have a winner case here. Unless there is some small print you've didn't mention above or missed, it will be up to Virgin to prove that they were entitled to charge you that they did - would be kind of hard without having call recording (verbal contract) or written contract with confirmed delivery.


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