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Cancellation Fees if full service not provided?

I have a question to where I stand regarding cancellation fees when the service subscribed to hasn't been fully provided. 


My partner and I signed up at the start of November for the 50 Broadband, Fun TV and telephone line package.  We signed up as it seemed good value.


Whilst I haven't been happy with the terrible ping on the broadband, (i understand this is a problem with the firmware and until this is fixed Virgin can't do much about this) I have been happy with this and the TV.


However we have been waiting for over 4 months now for the telephone line, when orginally told this would only take a couple weeks to install.  As i understand it today there is still a issue so there is no set date for this to be installed.....  Although we have had to make numerous calls to find this out.  Which has ment we have had to pay another provider in the short term to provide this.  


To rub further salt in the wound, I discovered we have been charged an addition £11 per month because we do not have the telephone installed, (the whole package should of been £43 per month instead we are paying £55 for 2/3's of it!) apparently this is because without the third part we don't get full discount.  We were not informed that this would be the case.


This increase combined with the extra rental has almost doubled the orginal cost we subscribed too, and is beyond our budget.


As such I spoke to Virgin and informed them that we would like to cancel unless they could provide us with within the next few weeks.  However if they are unable to do so and we cancel the contract, but where does that leave us regarding the cancellation fees?   I don't think there should be any as the full service hasn't been provided.


If the package we subscribed to could be provided we would be honor the contract, however we would of never agreed to contract without a phone line.


Hopefully the phone line can be provided so this isn't required, but I would really appreciate some feedback if this is not the case.

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Forum Team
Forum Team
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Re: Cancellation Fees if full service not provided?

Hi Cheekymonkeysz

I appreciate you joining the forums to look into these queries and a warm welcome to the community!

Many thanks for taking the time to let us know about the connection delays to your phone service and questions around your account.

I appreciate that this situation has been ongoing and thank you very much for the patience you have shown us.

In order to look into this further for you as this requires me accessing your account, I’m going to pop a PM to you that you can find in the purple envelope next to your forum name.

If you could drop a reply back to me on this, that would be fab!

Kind regards.

Forum Team

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