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Cancellation Date

Hi I have decided to leave Virgin Media after being a loyal customer for over 15 years, the deal I have been offered is very poor compared to new customers. I have complained many times the Tivo box we have is so slow, netflix & iplayer are so slow and sometimes don't work at all with a message please try later. My bill has just gone up approx 50 %, told customer services I would sign up again straight away if they offered me the Full House Bundle £55 a month that new customers can get but was a flat no so over 15 years loyalty counts for nothing, so I cancelled 2 weeks ago and have been given a termination date March 10 2017, does anyone know how this works as I have not been given any other info and no confirmation email or letter, all I have had is 1 phone call to keep me with them but they offered nothing new just really slagged off the competitors. I have decided to go with BT Infinity 2 seems a good package with £150 cash back as well although broadband not as high as Virgin but it is still a decent 70-80 but there Wifi has great reviews.

I have not signed up to this service yet but need some info as I would like to keep my home phone number


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Forum Team
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Re: Cancellation Date

Hello MariePope and welcome to the forum,

I'm sorry to hear you'll be leaving us soon, it's disappointing to hear especially as you've been with us for so long. I hope you'll consider us again in the future.

Just to so you know it's a 30 day notice period to disconnect and if you're looking to transfer your phone number to your new provider, you just need to mention this to them when ordering and they'll contact us to make the transfer arrangements. 

You can find full details of our disconnection procedure here:

All the best, 

Forum Team

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