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Cancel Contract fee


My name is Marcel Butcovan. I was a VM customer until 5 Jan 2017. (Acc. No. removed, Area Ref. 21) I've left UK and I've cancelled my contract. I went to Southampton's store with the new tenants who moved in the flat where my contract was.
I wanted to transfer the contract from my name to the new tenants name but your colleague from the store told me it's not possible but she can do another contract on their names. She told me I will need to pay only for the last month, but now I realised she lied to me because now I have a bill of £198.
She assured me twice or three times that I will need to pay just the amount for one month.
More than that, at the beginning when I started the contract, another colleague of yours from Southampton's store told me that if I will cancel my contract earlier I will need to pay something around half of the remaining months of my contract.
So, I've been lied twice by Virgin Media.

I just want to clarify the situation of my last bill and please tell your colleagues from stores that it's not nice at all to lie the customers.

Thank you.


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Re: Cancel Contract fee

HI Marcel

Thanks for taking the time to join us on the community and a warm welcome to the forums.

I appreciate you getting in touch about the cancellation fees on the account.

With respect to the charges you have had if you could get in touch with the teams via Webchat  where they can clear security with you and look into this further for you, that would be great. As these forums are public, you will be able to catch up with the teams about this via Webchat as this involves disclosing account information which is protected for security reasons so needs to be discussed in a secure manner with you.

Via the Webchat link if you choose the following options from the left you will get the Chat Online function.

Account and Billing > Manage Your Account Online

Please keep us posted if you need anything else.

Take care.

Forum Team

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