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Can't view bills

So 3+ months ago I stopped recieving email bills and when I log into the Virgin media. Com page says I have no bills and my balance is £0 call up on a weekly basis to be told they would be In touch? My bill has been the wrong amount each month £75 a month since April when should be £60 so having multiple phone calls to customer care the bill was corrected but I now have to do this on a monthly basis hours of phone calls to get the correct amount but I can't even get an email of a bill or see my account online. I referred a friend whom has had the £50 yet I keep calling to see if I have recieved mine as can't see it online to be told no referall has been acknowledged by Virgin media? And somebody would be in touch I'm fed up of the excuses! I want my refer a friend credit I want to recieve a bill via email and I want to be able to use the online account I can't even make a payment online as says 'their has been a hitch' so instead I have to call to which the automated services tells me I owe hundreds and then when I have been on hold for a while finally I go through to a human being who tells me is £75 then has to put me through to someone else and its £60. Surely I shouldn't have to do all this in this day and age?

P. S I'm sorry for the punctuation being a customer of virgin media has sent me stupid.
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Re: Can't view bills

Hi theallmightyone

I appreciate you taking the time to let us know about the issues you have been having with the Refer A Friend credit and the My Virgin Media bill access.

My apologies for the inconvenience this has caused to you.

In order for us to support you further with the ongoing issues you have been unable to resolve to date, if you could pop back to me on the PM I'm sending to you and confirm the information I need, we can then raise this for you with our teams regarding the My Virgin Media issues, and look into the RAF options if this is still a concern. We may need to look at raising an IT request for the online access issues you have been having.

You can find the PM in the purple envelope next to your forum name.

Hope to speak soon!

Forum Team

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