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Broadband contract terms and conditions, Home move and price increase problem

I bought this virgin media broadband initially from a company outlet in Rochdale on 21/07/2015 and contract start date was 6th August 2015 from where the CSR (Sam) told me that my broadband will be 18 months contract including first 6 months for free  and after 6 months my price will be £22.99 for the rest of the contract duration and if i take the telephone line off after 12 months perion it will reduce to a price she mentioned i can't remember now tbh. Considering the free 6 months and £22.99 after i agreed to get it and signed off the initial registeration form. But when i recieved my Contract form it stated that after 12 months my discount will be removed and i have to pay full price £ 34.49 which i again thought would be okfor 6 months only. But after i have to move home at the end of november and i applied for home move and at this instance virgin media decided to change my contract and start from the beginning without any prior notice, written comunication or telephone call which means i never signed any contract with them on 21st of December but that's what they have in their record and started charging me from 30/12/2015 initially it was £22.99 untill  then sometime they send me a bill of £37.98 and from last month its gone up to £ 41.47. Today when i called the virgin media customer service they put me through to customer relations team where people have no clue what they doing!!! All the help they offered me was reducing the price only if get the service for extra 7 months which i would never do that. 

Does anyone else ever had this type of problem and what shall i do as i am feeling very helpless and i have to other way to solve this problem than pay £41.47 which i can't afford or extend the contract which means i have to be with virgin media for another 7 months.

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Re: Broadband contract terms and conditions, Home move and price increase problem

1) The original contract you signed is linked to the address you agreed to take the services at. If you change your address during the contract period, the original contract is no longer valid & a new one has to be taken out at the new address, or if the new address is unserviceable, a disconnection fee then applies.

2) You are still subject to normal price rises under your contract conditions (this goes for all telco suppliers, not just Virgin). When a price rise is announced (the latest price rise was November, & affected all bundle services customers) you then have 30 days to cancel without penalty before it is assumed you have accepted the new pricing.

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