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Billing after cancellation

I have received two bills after cancellation. I have read other posts and I am aware that these payments are refunded by cheque however it is very discouraging to read how log it takes some people to get their refunds back. I am a student and cannot afford the hassle. What happens if I do not pay the bills after cancellation considering they will be refunded anyway?
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Re: Billing after cancellation

Hi Jeffrey987

Many thanks for taking the time to join us on the forums and for getting in touch with us about the final bills.

Bills are not always refunds when a final bill is generated. It all depends on how far you paid in advance and whether the bill period you have paid for in advance covers the final bill balance. The final bill amount could include notice charges also if the contract is ended early or if you have asked for the account to be disconnected physically before the standard 30 days’ notice is up.

The final bill is generated within 1-2 days after the disconnection. At this point it is simply refunding the service advance charges to you. A final bill verification is run 30 days later whereupon we may need to debit or refund further costs. E.G there may be unbilled Pay Per View, or call charges that have not hit the system that need to be debited from the final balance. Similarly there may be minor adjustments to call charges that need to be credited if you have a phone line.

The best way to check into the status of your final balance is to get in touch with our teams who can clear security for you in order to advise in full about the bill period, and any refunds or final bill amounts to be credited/charged to you.

In order to contact our teams, if you have not yet done so, it would be fab if you could contact them via 150 or 0345 454 1111 or via Webchat  where they can clear security with you.

Webchat  can be contacted via the site online and you can speak to them if you prefer this option by choosing the Chat Online option:

E.G-Account and Billing > Manage Your Account Online

Let us know how you get on Smiley Happy


Forum Team

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