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Billing Repayment

Please explain why you can't or won't reimburse my account immediately.

I was given 3 options as my account is £196 in Credit & I simply want the £196 back in my account. Very reasonable request on an active account which has never missed or even been late on a payment.

1 - Wait 45 days!

2 - Arrange a transfer physically at my bank

3 - Wait for a cheque in the post.

To clarify:  Please explain specifically why you cannot make an immediate transfer of £196 back to my bank account today.


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Forum Team
Forum Team
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Re: Billing Repayment

Hi Mark28

Thank you for dropping by with your post about the refund and for taking the time to join us on the community.

Refunds are sent in cheque format 35 days after the final bill is produced for the following reasons.

  • Refund balances usually do not match exactly a previous payment you have made. The only other ways we can refund monies on the account are via card refund if this has been used to make a payment, or you can claim money back for Direct Debits via an indemnity claim. These methods would only refund a balance that has been actively debited as a prior payment, not the full final balance that we refund via cheque.
  • The final bill is generated within 1-2 days after the disconnection. At this point it is simply refunding the service advance charges to you. A final bill verification is run 30 days later whereupon we may need to debit or refund further costs. E.G there may be unbilled Pay Per View, or call charges that have not hit the system that need to be debited from the final balance. Similarly there may be minor adjustments to call charges that need to be credited.
  • Sending a cheque to you is a way of making sure you get the right final balance and is a method of payment we can process that will refund the right balance to you.

I appreciate you are unhappy having to wait this time and my apologies about this. Please let us know if there is anything else we can look into for you.

Kind regards.



Forum Team

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