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Bill due date

Hi, I'm just wondering how long after my bill due date do I have to pay my bill before I get cut off? Thanks

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Re: Bill due date

Hi Daisyscrimshaw

Thanks for getting in touch about your billing question Smiley Happy

There are two possible answers here depending on if you have a credit limit or not.

If you do not have a credit limit or have not gone over this then the bills are generally expected to be paid between 2-3 weeks at the latest after the bill is produced.

The bills are generated once a month and paying within this time frame allows all methods of payment time to process without a new bill being produced and the amounts crossing over.

If you have a credit limit and have gone over this with the bill amount, the services are restricted the next working day. Or if the account has a credit limit but breaches this within the billing month, the services are restricted the following working day.

E.g. Your credit limit could be £180 and the bill is produced for £150. That’s fine. However if between the bill date and the next statement you use over £30 in unbilled spend- call charges or Pay Per View services, then the restriction applies the day after the credit limit is triggered.

I hope this helps answer your query.

If you need anything else from us then please just ask Smiley Very Happy

Forum Team

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