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Beware - be very aware and cautious

Last posted on here back in April 2016 and had some useful/helpful advice but this time, hopefully this time I'm giving the advice and perhaps it will help others.


My husband is poorly, in fact he's very poorly and I wanted to be able to connect to the internet in a different room in the house so made some enquiries about upgrading my broadband so that I could do this.


To cut a long story short, I've finished up saying that I will have a package upgrade which includes Sky Cinema (which I don't already have) and Sky Sports (which I do) and a Super Hub.  Whilst it is not a fortune more than I am already paying it isn't what I wanted - just wanted to upgrade broadband - mainly because within the next few months I will no longer need Sky Sports but the new package is for 12 months and if I cancel either sports or cinema it won't make any difference to the monthly charge.  Was also advised that it would be better not to think about it for 24 hours as I could always ring and cancel tomorrow?!


I wanted to print off the conversation I had with the agent and he said I could when we'd finished talking but I couldn't and can't find it now to print off.  Without this print out of the conversation we had, I have no proof whatsoever of what he said or what I said and I am so not happy about this.


Not a happy customer Virgin - feel like I've been conned, well and truly done up like a kipper as my parents used to say!

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Re: Beware - be very aware and cautious

Without knowing your setup, not sure why you needed to upgrade to connect in another room. You would need to either connect over wi-fi or run a cable from the router to the new location. Either way, other than tech support, don't think you need virgin to do that.

Regardless, call them up, explain your position and put a complaint in advising you are dissatisfied

Have a look at this link ( It will give you an indication what you need to be mindful off

Things will not turn around very quickly as it's a process but hopefully, you will get what you need. 

PS - always make a note what time you called, who you spoke to and what was said (bullet points) and if you talk on line, take screen shots or cut and paste the text into an emails/ word doc and save that. 

All the best.