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Bereaved Customer

My husband died over 2 years ago leaving me with a huge expensive "Big Bang Bundle" that I can't afford. The account is now in my name but the primary email address is his. I obviously want to change this to my email address so that I can manage the account. When trying to register for online management, the system says that there is already an account bearing his (now defunct) email address. Anyone know how I go about registering my account online but obviously with my email address? This need is urgent. Thank you.

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Forum Team
Forum Team
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Re: Husband dead

Hi RC14

Thank you for taking the time to join to us on the forums and for getting in touch with us about the email address on your account.

I do apologies that the email under your husband’s name has not been removed when the Transfer Of responsibility was done 2years back.

In order for us to look into this for you we will need to take some details and for me to do this I'm going to send a private message to you that you can find in the purple envelope on the top right of the forums.

If you could get back in touch with me on this, I will be able to get what we need from you in order to pick this up with our teams and get this resolved.

Kind regards and speak soon.

Forum Team

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