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Been ripped off by Virgin Media

I called at Christmas to cancel my tv package to join Sky. The lady offered me what I had before which included Sky Sports, Lfctv and HD package for a cheaper (£40 off) deal. So I took the deal and ordered a V6.

 V6 installed this morning, new contract also started today and I was happy till I couldn't get Sky Sports HD, I used Live Chat the guy said HD wasn't included in the new contract and I'll have to pay £7 a month extra plus £10.73 for changing my package.

i can't believe I've been ripped off by this, I was going to get a mobile with them but not anymore. I'll be joining Sky next year !!


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Re: Been ripped off by Virgin Media

Hi jtfab75,

Sorry about the delayed response and apologies also for the confusion regarding your new package.

I'm afraid a £7.00 per month charge is applicable when taking the HD variants of Sky Sports. If you have any offer confirmations or receipts  stating these were to be included in your  package, we'd be more than happy to look into this for you.



Forum Team

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