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Area code and charge for install

Hi! I am wondering how to figure out my area code for signing up an account? Also is there a 20 euro charge for installation? If so, there seems to be self installation option also available? How does this work? Thanks !
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Re: Area code and charge for install

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Going by you saying 20 euros, having a guess you are from Ireland? If that is the case they use a completely different forum than this one sadly.

If it's just an oversight and you live in England/Scotland/Wales, what city do you live in? Someone on forum may know the area code.
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Re: Area code and charge for install

Hi there Spud0906,


Thanks for your query.


As mentioned by Shafreya, we are unable to deal with queries for customers living outside of the UK via this particular Forum.


You can, however, contact the relevant team via the links below:


Main website:

Contact Us:

Customer Support:



If you're a UK based customer and you'd like for me to help further, could you please send me a private message including the following information if possible?:


  • Name of the account holder
  • Home address


Speak soon,





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