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Another installation shambles

No new installation for me today as promised by VM.

Virgin have just installed cable in my area and after a man knocked on my door and told me about the specifics of the services available (bband + TV) and receiving letter addressed to me offering services within 4 working days, I decided to treat myself to 200Mb/s + TV package.

First hiccup - when I contacted the sales team I was told that installation could be up to 3 months as this was a new connection - this should have been obvious to them as they had only just installed cable in the area. Installation was booked for 21Feb - a 2 week wait - as the rep had managed to get me an improved date.

I diligently checked my emails and texts and replied promptly as required. No issues until 7pm the day before the installation date.

At 7pm I missed a call on my mobile from the Pre-Installation team who left a message waking to call back on the 0800 number. I immediately tried but couldn't get an answer before they closed at 8pm. Phoned this morning from 8am and finally got through at 9am.

I was told that the installation was delayed until 18Apr (that's nearly 3mths from order) as there were multiple issues that meant the install could not go ahead. I was told that the technician had only discovered this when he did his visit the day before install instead of the usual 2 or 3 days before and had not been able to contact me despite trying.

When I pointed out that the contact was attempted at 7pm the night before install the VM person tried to convince me that they were doing me a favour by cancelling the installation as they could have come anyway and the installation would have been unsuccessful but I would have been contractually committed to VM from that date. I put forward a different point of view.

When I explained that due to their inefficiency my son had taken a day off work,  pointlessly, there was silence. They send emails and texts about trivial items but no-one could contact me with specifics on this game-changer.

Another let-down VM new customer



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Forum Team
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Re: Another installation shambles

Hi TemperTemper.

I appreciate you taking the time to get in touch with us about the installation delay and my sincere apologies about the fact that this needs to be rescheduled with us.

Initially we will always book a one man crew for an installation for or customers as these will be fine for the vast majority of our installation needs. Occasionally the engineer attends and it then becomes apparent that the work needing to take place to connect you requires a 2man crew.

This is what has happened in your situation and I am so sorry that we do have to reschedule this in order to get the work completed for you.

Once the 2 man crew attends on the 18th they will be able to complete the works needed to get you connected with us.

I have checked again today for you and can see that this date is still the earliest we have on our system presently for you so my apologies we are at this moment in time, unable to offer an alternative date.

Feel free to get in touch with the teams at any time to check to see if there's been a possible cancellation where you can reschedule the appointment. You can do this by getting in touch via 150 or 0345 454 1111 or via Webchat  where our teams can look into this at any time for you.

If there is anything else we can look into for you then please let us know.




Forum Team

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