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Alternative to Re: How do i send back old hardware

From Shelke :-

frank_gm wrote:
As regards your claim "That's something SUs do already" can you refer me to a thread as I have not noticed anything like that.
You won't find any like that because such issues are raised in private boards in this community

You seemed to have replied to the OP before I posted and, lets be honest, given the current delay in Forum team replies (12-14 days) it will be after Christmas, or even after the New Year, before they respond to the OP.
The topic you linked to above I had escalated and as regards this one, the delays in the account board here are not as severe as they're in the broadband board. Each section is working of different Forum Team members with different (varying) delays associated to them.

I do not consider claims that discussions have been held in private to have any credibility. What is wrong with raising the issues publicly?

As regards response times I can assure you that I have been watching and 12-14 days appears to be the norm. Having to rely on an SU to choose which posts to escalate is indeed worrying. Presumably those of us who do not keep their noses clean would not meet the criteria.

Nice to be able to post again, after their mistake (removed by the Censorship team).
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