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Account in credit

Hi. My account is £200+ in credit yet virgin media have taken £250+ direct debit for latest bill leaving the £200+ credit untouched. I made a payment to avoid sending my household bills account overdrawn which it now has. When will this credit get used? Or can i get it refunded to my bank? Part of the cost of the bill is additional powerlink adapter that i didn't even order, had to send back in my own time and pay £50, sending me overdrawn. Scandalous not good enough. Can i cancel my contract? Signed on 26th Feb.

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Re: Account in credit

It will come off the next bill. Any manual payment made in while you have an outstanding bill will not stop the current bill coming off direct debit wise automatically.

When/if you do make another full manual payment in after having received a bill, ensure that after you do so that you contact customer services via a phone call (150 from a VM phone / 0345 454 1111 from any other phone) or via the Webchat and tell them to set it so that the current bill is paid for by the credit on the account.

You can of course have it refunded back to you if you contact customer services and go with the billing option. The choice is yours.

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